Public Involvement


Your Role in the Process

Community participation and input was at the heart of this Master Plan Update. The Airport conducted a robust public involvement process to complete a Master Plan that considered public input, and to continue to improve our relationship with the public. The Master Plan Update public process is thoroughly defined in the Public Involvement Program (PIP). The PIP was developed with input from stakeholders and the public prior to being finalized. We communicated to the public how input from all stakeholders shaped the outcome of the resulting plan.

Read the full PIP here.

The Aiport held seven public open houses and five online open houses for the Master Plan Update, materials for which are in the library.  

The Anchorage International Airport, recognizing that many organizations have a vested interest in the Master Plan Update, and would like to be engaged more actively in the planning process, established the Technical Advisory Committee and the Working Group.  The Technical Advisory Committee and Working Group are two of many tools that were used to gather public input throughout the Master Plan Update.

Technical Advisory Committee: Industry and aviation experts with technical expertise. Members may include representatives from commercial airlines, freight carriers, airport leaseholders, general aviation users, and local, state, and federal agency representatives.

Working Group: Neighborhood, community, non-governmental organization, and business interest groups. The group will facilitate communication between interested parties, ANC administration, and the planning team.

While recommendations from the public, the Technical Advisory Committee and the Working Group were considered by the Master Plan Update planning team, the Airport was responsible for development decisions.

In addition, Individual Stakeholder InterviewsListening Posts, and Presentations were conducted throughout the Master Plan Update process.  A complete list of these meetings can be viewed in this document.

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